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hallas Cosmetic Dentist Dr Terrel Myers of Dallas Laser Dentistry & Patrick Dougher on The Business Spotlight TV P1 http://www.dallas-cosmetic-dentist.us/


Patrick:  Welcome to the Business Spotlight. I’m Patrick Dougher. You’re really going to enjoy the show. From time to time over the last several months we’ve had a guest appearance from Dr. Mary Swift of http://www.dallascosmeticdentist.us/ . .

They are in the high-end cosmetic dentistry arena. In fact, Dr. Mary Swift has been the 2011-2012 Cosmetic Dentist People’s Choice Award winner in the DFW Area. It’s really fun to have another one of their dentists, Dr. Terrel Myers with us today. Dr. Terrel, thanks so much.

Dr. Terrel:  Thank you for having me.

Patrick:  I’m really excited about this interview because you have seen the dental industry change tremendously. You’re award-winning. You tend to work with the who’s who of Dallas. You work with some very extremely successful people, don’t you?

Dr. Terrel:  Yes. I’ve been very blessed in that area.

Patrick:  I’m excited for you. I want to know more about your journey, because you’ve seen the industry change so much. Tell me about your journey as a dentist.

Dr. Terrel:  It’s interesting. I started when I was a junior in high school and I decided I wanted to be a dentist. My dentist talked me into being one. So I went to dental school and I was fortunate going through that. I was honored to be the top one clinician in my dental class. We were taught a certain philosophy of dentistry that most schools weren’t teaching and I liked that philosophy.

As soon as I got out of dental school, I actually joined the Air Force for two years, and then started my practice here in Dallas. Six months into my practice, I went down to the L.D. Pankey Institute to advance dental education. That’s where I got all my advanced training in full mouth rehabilitation. That was the best thing I ever did in my life.

Patrick:  When you talk about full mouth dental restoration and cosmetic surgery, what are some of the procedures now that people are doing in that area?

Dr. Terrel:  The biggest thing that we’re seeing more now are porcelain veneers and implants. That’s been to the biggest changes in the last 15-20 years. We’re doing a lot of porcelain veneers, implants, crowns, and bridges.

Patrick:  Have they changed the technology much in those areas?

Dr. Terrel:  Considerably. A few years ago we would take impressions and core models and send that to the lab. Now our computers actually scan the tooth. The computer program will make a three dimensional model and make the crown on that so we never have to take an impression of the patient anymore. It’s phenomenal.

Patrick:  I know that in your practice there are a lot of things that you’re doing that are fairly unique. A lot of dentists will say have a certain method for connecting to them. You spend a lot of time right up front with people.

Dr. Terrel:  In the training at the Pankey Institute, they teach us that it is so important to make a correct diagnosis, and you have to gather a lot of information to make a correct diagnosis. So we spend two and a half hours on our initial examination. That’s gathering x-rays, medical history, and models.

Getting to know the patient is so important because the cross that I wear here is the cross of life. We have to know our self, know our patient, know our work, and then apply our knowledge. That’s the four legs of the cross. My patients have become my family. That’s why I’ve been so blessed in having patients that have been with me 30-35 years. I’ve got several families that I’m treating three generations – grandfather, parent, and children now. That’s exciting to me. I love that. They’ve been some of my best referrals.

Patrick:  I wouldn’t doubt. Anytime that you can build a practice like yours that’s pretty much 100% referral based. But then the fact that you spend so much time up front with them is key.

Dr. Terrel:  Often I’ll have patients say, “Can you refer me to an internist or a cardiologist or someone that would treat me like you treat me? Because you take the time to listen to me.” I get that a fair amount of time. People will ask, “Refer me to someone that will treat me like you do.”

Patrick: As we get into these next few segments, one of the things that I really want to talk about is I want to learn more about some of the current technology because the coolest thing in doing some research on you and knowing the Swifts in the way that they do things is technology is paramount with their practice. They stay up on things.

Dr. Terrel:  Yes, they do.

Patrick:  And I know that that means that you stay up on things and the current technologies of cosmetic dentistry is just groundbreaking. Dr. Terrel Myers with Dallas Laser Dentistry. We’re pleased to have him on the air today and you would want to get to know him more.

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