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Keynote Speaker


  • 7 Critical Keys to Marketing Success
  • How to get the most from your employees and have them enjoy work more…Really!
  • Setting up Mentoring Groups that operate like a Mastermind Group
  • Keys to Accelerated Learning for the Information age
  • Text Marketing…Does it Work?
  • Sales Training…How to Read a Prospect in seconds


Done for you Marketing Solutions

  • Website Design and Development
  • Text Marketing
  • Content Creation for Websites and Podcasts
  • Website, Podcast, Radio, TV Marketing and Promotion


TV Show Host to create Infomercials for Clients

  • •    Edited 16 ways from whole show to 4 segments and 12 Q&A segments.
    •    Place video on 24 video sites like Youtube and all of her sisters ie.Vimeo, MetaCafe, etc.
    •    Properly SEO description to drive traffic to the best keywords to get traffic
    •    Transcribed audio
    •    Posted on Social media blitz for 6 weeks after shows production.
    •    Back linking campaign for 4 weeks and then offered as a managed service after for a fee.
    •    Reviewed and bookmarked for higher visibility
    •    Transcripts available for you or a Ghost Writer that I have available for additional articles and posts.

TV Show Host and Marketer to build your listeners fast using online tools

Patrick Dougher, Host of the TV show, ”The Business Spotlight”, interviews business “celebrities” in the N. Texas area at his studio. In the course of his interviews he uncovers their business successes and how they made their claim to fame. The show airs weekly in DFW & Houston regions. As a TV Producer, Doer Success, Inc. edits and produces the TV shows in multiple formats and multiple medias. The various results are then promoted all over the internet. Doer Success establishes authority in the niche the guests wants to own with an ever growing number of 50K+ video links driving traffic to his guests’ shows. High quality video marketing is a very powerful tool for savvy business owners to get their products or services noticed. The business owners love the ease of instantly acquiring a new TV audience. Not only do they get their business out to a new market, they also acquire a massive list of followers on several social media channels. Ask Doer Success Systems how to become a guest on Patrick’s TV show and reap the benefits of this prebuilt traffic to your business. Patrick is always looking for great stories. Even if you are not sure your story is interesting, he loves to help create an interesting one for your business.

Information Product Development

To Patrick, Marketing is really about getting your door swinging and your phone ringing. That is it – Results! If you want to enter the 21st century in your marketing please contact Patrick.

Patrick has 20 years in professional selling experience, 10 years directing a self improvement seminar called “The Road Adventure”, a year with Zig Ziglar as one of his DFW presenters, 2 years as Director for Dan Kennedy’s DFW Insider Circle Groups and formed/ran several Mastermind groups. His passion is helping others reach their potential. Zig Ziglar always says “You can have anything you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

[toggle title="Facilitates Mastermind Groups in the DFW area (A form of Alternative Board)"]

A Mastermind Group facilitation is like herding cats.  You have to bring the best minds together for mutual good and support.  The magic that is created changes business leaders forever.  I have facilitated many groups now and had wonderful results.  Regardless of the groups being for self improvement or Business Development the results have been the same.  Here is what my good friend Rob Skiba has to say about my leadership.  Thank you Rob.

Rob Skiba
Rob Skiba
Producer at King’s Gate Media, LLC

Whether as a close friend or business associate, I’ve learned a great deal from Pat. He was and is my mentor in the public speaking arena. He is very professional, skilled, funny and personable – a truly gifted teacher, who can take virtually any topic and make it fun and easy to understand. If you need a top-notch motivational coach/speaker for any event, Patrick Dougher is your man!

Contact Pat at or his office at 817-368-6843